8. High School of Graphic Communication Arts

 A panorama of the school
TREASURES OF MODERN ART: The High School of Graphic Communication Arts spans 49th to 50th Streets mid block between Ninth and Tenth Avenues. The AIA Guide to New York terms the school, which was erected in 1959, "one of the most vigorous International Style buildings in town." Kelly and Gruzen were the architects. The 49th Street facade is all sleek lines of glass and steel, while on the 50th Street side, a grand curving wall of white brick creates visual excitement. A surprise bonus is the mural on the 50th Street facade. Executed in primary colors on a white background, the mosaic is by Hans Hofmann, a leading artist and influential teacher of the Abstract Expressionist movement.

A close-up of the mosaic A view of the mosaic
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